My day.

So yesterday was my restaurants big picnic. We had a great time. One of the highlights was the big inflatable water slide and the dunking tank. Of course, my sorry ass was put in it.

Here we see me razing the employees while they were attempting to hit the target. Lucky for me most of them couldn't throw very well. They were even throwing footballs and couldn't hit me. Did I mention the thing was called "The Easy Dunker"

Of course at one point they did indeed hit the target and manage to get me in the drink.

But take note, the cigar was kept above water and remained lit. My cellphone on the other hand was still in my pocket ( I thought I had left it in the car with my change of clothes)


Dad 8:58 PM  

Dumb ASS!!!!

steph 2:28 PM  

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH awesome!!! man i haven't seen a good ol' fashioned dunk tank in ages! i love it

swirlogirl 6:37 PM  

AHAHAHAH oh no your dad didnt call you a dumb ass!

i think the next time we all get toegther it shoudl involve brian in a dunk tank

Brian 9:37 PM  

My dad did indeed call me a dumb ass. I think I'm scarred for life now. Yep. Definetly scarred.

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