Superwho? Batwhat?

A frightened child is crying at a checkout stand of the Dillards at the Florida Mall. A hipanic woman is trying to calm him. "What is your name?", she asks "Do you know your mommys' name?". The boy just continues to cry and scream "Where is she?". The woman picks up the phone and starts making a call. The boy continues to cry.

In the opposite corner of the store, a woman is frantically calling the name Adam.

A man appears and approaches the store employee and the small child. "Is your name Adam", the mysterious man asks.

Suddenly, a blur of red and khaki is seen throughout the store just as a man walks up the frightened woman. "Are you looking for your son?", he asks.

She says "yes".

He grabs her hand and says, "I will take you to your son" and like a flash they are off. A blink of an eye the mother has her son in her arms and is crying. After exchanging kisses and "I love you's", the mother turns to thank the stranger. He is no where to be found.

On the store radio you hear the security officers explaining that the boys mother had been found. "Who found her?", a voice asks.

"I don't know. He had a big `r' on his shirt and was carrying a rake."

True story.


steph 4:22 PM  

AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH man i was just thinking of him the other day!!! rakeman owes me twenty dollars!

Brian 7:03 PM  

Yes my dear it seems he is back. He also says the check is in the mail and you know how to cash it baby.

By the way everybody... new radio mix & new T-shirt!

swirlogirl 9:52 PM  

I am loving BOTH the new teeshirt AND the junior senior. im a rhythm bandit for life!

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