Six Years.

Mel and I celebrated our sixth anniversary the other day. Both of us had to work in the morning and were uber-exhausted but decided It was our anniversary and we were going out to celebrate.

We made reservations at Bistro di Paris, the restaurant on the second floor of the France pavilion at EPCOT. We had always wanted to go but either never had time/money to do so. We had saved up for a nice evening this year and wanted to try it.

Our reservation was for 8pm and we requested a table by the window which they were more that willing to accommodate. They apologized that the air conditioner was broken, but it did not bother us. The room is quiet with no music all you can hear is the quiet whispers of the other guests. The tables are dressed with simple white table cloths and a single candlelit lamp. We were told when we made the reservation that there was a dress code of "smart casual". I don't think they enforced it as I saw people at the tables in shorts one guys was wearing a ball cap. Thankfully no Mickey or Goofy ears.

We ordered the tasting menu with wine pairings. You are given 2 or 3 items to choose from that will best pair with the wines.

Before the prelude, they served an extra course. A special amuse bouche of bread crisps with tuna and olives. It was a nice treat. Even though I don't like seafood or olives, I thought it was good.

For the prelude I chose a heirloom tomato with a Parmesan crisp, tomato and pesto soup with ravioli and a portion of creamy goat cheese. Mel selected the fois gras which was served in two styles one was lightly cooked and the other seared with a balsamic vinegar. They were paired with a light and simple blush wine and they both were fantastic.

The fish course was next Mel chose a lobster with mussels in a bouillabaisse while I chose the seared scallops over goat cheese and tomato stuffed ravioli. They were paired with a Pouilly-Fouse. I am not a big fan of seafood or really even a fan at all, but who can pass up goat cheese? As we were finishing the fish course and moving to the aperitif, Illuminations had started. Our window gave a perfect view of the lagoon and the fireworks show out on the water. Our waiter recommended I move my chair to the other side of the table and watch the show on the same side as my wife.

As we were watching the show, our aperitif was delivered. A sorbet made from special strawberries found only in France. It was served in a cocktail glass with a sidecar of a French liquor which we were told is drank right before going out in the snow to ski because of its warming qualities. It was different. Mel described it best by saying it was like eating aftershave. It did do its purpose as we were prepared for our meat course.

The show had ended and our meat course had arrived. Mel chose the rack of lamb with vegetable confit and fresh herbs while I chose the beef tenderloin with marrow served with potato boulangere and asparagus in a red wine juniper berry sauce. Both were paired with a pinot noir which was wonderful.

After the meat course we moved to the cheese plate which contained a slice of a cows milk cheese who's name I can't recall but reminded me of a wonderful grassy field. There were also two goats milk cheeses, one a little firmer and sharper and the other soft and smooth.

After the cheese came a dessert sampler paired with Champagne. The platter had a tasting of every dessert on the menu. There was an almond flower ice cream which was to die for. As the ice cream was starting to melt, I took a bite of it first. The flavor was so intense. It immediately reminded me of Jasmine flowers. It was smooth and creamy. I looked at Mel and with a forceful urgency in my voice I told her to "try the ice cream. try the ice cream". As she did she looked at the ice cream and let out a "Holy fucking shit". She continued to let out a few explicit phrases in description of the dessert. There was also a chocolate souffle, a lemon tart, a mini creme brulee and a fruit cup soaked in vovray wine. All very, very yummy.

The entire meal lasted about two hours and fifteen minutes. It was great from beginning to end. The food was excellent and was the service. The only thing that bothered me was the group of three twenty somethings in the restaurant. Making calls on their cell phones and high-fiving each other while the flambee was being served at their table. Harumph.

One of the other neat things was that when we left the restaurant there were no other people around. They had all gone home. Mel and I got to walk along the streets of the France pavilion by ourselves. It was very nice.


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