Happy Birthday to Stacy!

Oh Shizzle! It's Stacy's Birthday! Everybody say "woot!" for my gal Stac! I will be a gentleman and not mention her age but I will wish her the best on her birthday! We've gone back a long-ass time and I'm glad she is still one of my bestest friends ever.

Stacy... On this most special of days I want to say one thing. You rock.

There it is.

I've got nothing else.

Except that is it me or does Sally Forth seem like the kind of bitch that would fuck you up?

I mean just look at her. Sitting there all smug in her sweatpants and faux-caftan. Humoring her husband. All he wants is a big screen television and maybe a little of the freak-nasty. She's sitting there with her folded arms acting like her shit don't stink.

Then there's her husband Ted. In his rockin' pink Rodford Rams t-shirt. All he wants is the chance to one up that cocky bitch. She keeps walkin' the line. Will she give it to him or not. Then she pulls away right when he thinks the getting is good. BAM! He's back to rubbin' one off when she's out grocery shopping. What a bitch.

Anywho... Happy Birthday Stacy!


swirlogirl 9:53 PM  

hahahah sally forth. your analysis is batshit insane

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