I just wrote a whole long post about how I have had not time to post. I had some funny stuff in there and then for the second time in a year and a half, my iMac crashed. Damn.

Its never funny the second time around so here is a video of that crazy mumbling candy lady from EPCOT's Japan pavillion.

Candy. Candy Caramel. Candy for you.


swirlogirl 7:27 PM  

AHAHAH i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the candy girl in japan... every time after i see her i go around all day long saying CANDEE... CANDEE... yah yah.

bitch has got skills !

Brian 9:32 PM  

Candee candee caramel. Octopus. Candee Octopus. Drag You down. Watery Grave. Tentacles. Hello!

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