Best Japanese Video Ever

I know that I have brought you the teenage girls being chased by lizards in the past and said it was the best Japanese Video Ever but I was wrong.


Be sure to watch the whole thing because the last section is the best. Also watch for Hitler the sailor. He left the bunker and is in the Japanese Navy now I guess.

(Can't see it? Click here.)

3, 2, 1, GO!


swirlogirl 9:48 PM  

HAHAHAH that is in fucking-sane! i love it. it really bugs mee though that they squat like that to go potty hahahah!

Brian 6:32 PM  

Does the poo poo go in the ocean?

swirlogirl 7:30 PM  

it does if you get pulled out of your stall by a motorboat

Brian 7:57 PM  

ewwww gross.

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