Happy Birthday to my _ _ _!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish my _ _ _ _ _ _ a very happy birthday for Wednesday. If you know her and see her on a regular basis, annoy the hell out of her today because it is her birthday. If you don't know her, I'll see you on Thursday.

Happy Birthday
_ _ _!


Trav 10:10 PM  

Happy Birthday to She-Who-We-Don't-Speak-Her-Name!!!!!!
Hope you have a great day!!!!!!

swirlogirl 10:22 PM  

ooooh mysssssssssssssteriousssss!

Brian 10:28 PM  

By the way, the _ _ _ is not M E L.

In case you are wondering or playing hangman.

steph 12:03 PM  

i totally wish the _ _ _ in "happy birthday to my _ _ _" stood for ass, and that you were having a birthday party for it, because how awesome would that be?

i'll tell you.


Anonymous 10:10 PM  

Thank you for all the well wishes. Had a wonderful evening with the head blogger..good times were had. Thanks Bri.

Love ya

Wendizell 3:05 PM  


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