This shit is out of the box.

Okay. I know I have talked about LOST a lot. I know I am obsessed. Let's move past this. First this book comes out...

The clincher? The author supposedly was on Oceanic Flight 815 and hasn't been heard from since the plane crashed in the South Pacific. The author? He's a character in the world of LOST too. The book is the manuscript that Sawyer has been reading on the beach during the show. Damn. It is rumored that it was actually written by Stephen King.

I hear that Driveshaft, the band that Charlie is/was in will be releasing their album this summer featuring their supposed hit single, "You all everybody".

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a release from "Geronimo Jackson" soon. (The album in the hatch)

Now here is t he caper...

The newly redone website for The Hanso Foundation. The group that made the hatches and is running these experiments on the island.

Sign up for the newsletter and you get all this coded information. I can't even figure it out.

Then on the May 3rd episode, during the commercial break, this ad appeared..

A commercial for the fake group on the show!

Or is it fake. The wikipedia has more on the Hanso Foundation than they do on other companies.

When you call the number you get messages on voicemail. In case you didn't notice, the French DJ while on hold is playing a "Geronimo Jackson" song.

The whole Lose Experience is detailed here on Wikipedia, including a day by day account for changes that are happening in the lost world as well as on the Hanso website and other sites that the Hanso Foundation is effecting. Yes, the show producers are actually doing things to fan pages and stuff.

Its just getting very immersive. I love a show that hooks you in and gives you all this stuff. I don't know what it all means, but I do know one thing, the materials surrounding this show will be talked about for years!


steph 12:18 PM  

see, that's the reason i haven't seen the show yet and just can't bring myself to start. it seems like so much effing work to get caught up.

Brian 6:03 PM  

Its not that hard. There are so many resources and obsessed people like me to help you.

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