Teri Hatcher is a...

This may be old news but I still think its funny. It was reported that Teri Hatcher "engages in sex romps on a regular basis with a series of men in a VW van parked outside her L.A. home". If you heard this story you know that she took the paper that published it to court and won. I just like the thought of Teri traipsing around her front lawn and climbing into a smoke filled old sixties style van and getting boned by Cheech and Chong. That filthy macaw!

In other Teri news, she recently had glass scratch her cornia when a lightbulb exploded over her head while on the set of Desperate Housewives. That girl can't catch a break.


swirlogirl 11:07 PM  

all that bad luck and she's ugly too. whats a trainable like that to do!

Trav 8:54 AM  

Yall shoulda seen her on Oprah.
Bitch is crazy.
The Oprah hens weren't feelin' her either.

Brian 12:06 AM  


steph 11:30 AM  

still getting back into the swing of things after sidewalk arts, viruses and such... and here we are with melly-mel havin' a job! congrats! and i'm listenin to wonderful time radio at work and I'M LOVIN' IT! a boo doo doo!!!

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