Sidewalk Arts Festival 2006

Before I post the link to the photos, BIG PROPS go out to my wife Mel who just landed a new design job. She actually beat the odds and got an actually job that she went to school for! Congratualtions my love! I am very proud of you and I know you will be the best!

Now on to the previous weekend. As promised... Here is the link to my flickr set from this past weekend. Enjoy!


swirlogirl 11:20 PM  

no fucking way! that is awesome! things are looking up for you AND your karate girls

swirlogirl 11:39 PM  

p.s. those pics are grrrreat!

Trav 8:57 AM  

Awesome photos and a big WHU WHUUU to Mel!
I am so happy for her!
That's great for you guys!

Josh 3:16 PM  

Thats so cool... I must be a jerk because I didnt even know she was looking for a job.. Sorry!

I very happy for her, I hope its a fun place to work

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