Poor Al Franken

While perusing the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) the other day, I happened to notice that it was Al Frankens' birthday. There was even a little graphic to inform everyone of that fact.

All I have to say is poor Al Franken. Of all the pictures that they could have used for his birthday, they chose a picture of him as that godawful Stewart Smalley. What a shame. He has authored books, given countless lectures and they use a picture of him in a sweater hugging a fuckin pillow.

You know that the people who choose the pictures of the celebrities for their birthdays were having a chuckle at this one.

Don't get me wrong. I don't blame them. If I was in their spot, I would have done the same thing.


Because he's good enough, smart enough and dog gone it.... People like him.

Or so he thinks.


swirlogirl 6:11 PM  

bahahah. when its your birthday they will use a screen cap from dreams of desire

Brian 10:08 PM  

I could only hope.

Lady with man, lady with lady, lady with boy?

swirlogirl 10:46 PM  

AHAHAHAH! one of the greatest acted scenes in movie history

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