Number One or Number Two? Two or Three? Three or One?

I was watching Ghost Hunters the other day on the Sci-Fi Channel. Why do I watch it when nothing is on? It really sucks. Every time I finish watching that show I always think to myself, "Boy that sucked!". I actually feel stupider for watching it. It makes not sense and every little piece of dust that flies in front of their camera, they think its an "orb". If the dust is replaced by a bug, then it is evidence of a major spirit phenomenon. I don't buy it.

The show usually just ends up with two of the crew of plumbers turned ghost hunters, bitching and whining about something or another. It just really is pointless. They set up the show to be creepy and then there is no pay off. I watched the whole hour and nothing. The previews for the upcoming episode looked promising, but I was betrayed by the current episode so I decided to change to something with a little more substance. Okay, it was Alias. Give me a break.

One funny moment on the show was that before the commercial ran, there was a voice over that the show was brought to us by Sears Optical. It made me chuckle a bit.

Think you've seen a ghost?.... Get your eyes checked out at Sears!"

One time I saw a ghost but I realized I hadn't cleaned my glasses and it was a smudge. I thought it was an orb.

The eyes are funny things sometimes you see things that aren't there and sometime they are.

Here's some examples of some crazy optical illusions.


The Winner 12:34 AM  

I think I saw a ghost...

swirlogirl 11:32 AM  

i really got into these illusions when someone sent this too me. i was trying to count those damn faces. they are pretty neat. BAHAHAH!

steph 1:34 PM  


i seriously just crapped my pants in terror.

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