Just wanna take a moment to say...

That's a big goddamn jellyfish!


Mel 9:22 PM  

Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzuuuuss. Damn.

swirlogirl 10:47 PM  

i said the same thing DAMN! holy schnickles! it probably killed everyone involved after this pic was taken. love that franz ferdinand cover too!

Trav 10:03 AM  

You know you liked Sam Rockwell's work in Clownhouse. "They're coming Casey! They're coming!"

steph 11:22 AM  

dude, why doesn't your comments thing work for me when i'm at home on my pc? it's workin fine on the mac at work... weird. jumpin' jellyfish!!!

Brian 3:12 PM  

Mac's rock.

steph 7:02 PM  

no way dude, pcs rool and macs drool!!! especially these new imacs with that intel shit, cuz now they can't run illustrator and photoshop at the same time without crashing one of em!

swirlogirl 10:25 PM  


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