I'm too distracted to write.

I wanted to sit down and write this who long post about going to Osaka the Japense Teppanyaki steakhouse for lunch today and the conversations that I overheard. Really not so much conversations but a group of nurses bitching about their job. Did I mention that I am actually starting to miss not having Mel around on my days off?

Anywho. Aside from writing song parodies for the Nova confrence, I have overwhelming concern. I am concerned about Larkin and the baby. I am concerned for Russel, Rose, Mariel, Dave, Kira, Jesse and Tom. You see last week was the season finale of Invasion. It was damn good. Then we find that the show was cancelled for good in a move called "The Firefly effect". Getting viewers hooked on a show and then yanking it without closer.

Its a terible, terrible thing.

Last night was the series finale of Alias and it was good, but I had concerns. The did a hell of a lot of hopping around the world in such short spans of time. Is one of the A.P.O. technologies that Marshall was working on happen to be a transporter of some sort? Aside from the time/space errors, it went off well. There were a few shoking deaths and some great justice served to Sloan. As far as Jack, I am sorry that he blew himself up but I think he'll be fine. I see he is staring in a new show on Fox called Justice. We'll see.

Anywho. LOST season finale tomorrow night and Hugh McIntyre of the fictional Hanso foundation will be on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night as a guest as well. This shit is getting good.


swirlogirl 6:16 PM  

did someone say REUINION?

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