ALIAS and LOST Kicked My ass tonight!

There was some MAJOR killing of characters tonight on ALIAS and LOST. I won't say in case you didn't see them but both episodes were KICK-ASS!!!!

If you have not seen them yet, ABC is offering free streaming episodes on their website for the next few weeks. Click here to go to the page. Plop down in front of you computer and watch the shows. They were so damn good I had to remind myself to breathe!!! 3 confirmed deaths and one uncertain death. All I can say is DAMN!!!!

I haven't watched tonights episode of Invasion (actually I am a week behind) but I don't think I can take any more.

All I can say is HOLY SHIT.

Alias has only 3 episodes left and the look like they are going to be crazy! LOST is looking to end the season with a major blowout!

If you don't watch these shows... What the hell is wrong with you.


Trav 7:48 PM  

We're catching up on the Alias and I am pretty entranced by em' I have to say.
As far as Lost goes, count me out.
I am not EVEN caught up on that show and really think I would be LOST (hur hurr) if I tried to follow now.
All I know is that drunk Rodriguez beetch is in the cast!
Drink up Michelllle!

Brian 9:55 PM  

You besss catch last nights episode your facts may no longer be right!!!!!

By the way I am now hearing the body count is up to 4 confirmed deaths last night.

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