Tune In Tonight!

Earlier this year I got the opportunity to help out the workers that were building a new home of Sadie Holmes. She was the recipient of a new house from the people at "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". The episode airs tonight (actually 31 minutes from now on the E.C.) so tune in. I stayed clear of the camera but you never know.

There was a big thank you ad in the paper today. I'll help you find my name.

They misspelled my name! Damn it!


steph 7:06 PM  

goddammit i have GOT to get on the internets more often!!! i heart your radio station!!!

swirlogirl 9:56 AM  

AHAHAHAHAH too funny. those bastards are gonna pay!

Brian 4:34 PM  

Blood will be spilled!!!!! They will know my name after I'm done with them.

swirlogirl 10:54 PM  

oh yes. there will be blood!

swirlogirl 10:55 PM  

is that the actual home in the picture?

Brian 5:02 PM  

Yes it is. The thing was flippin' huge!

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