A Total Classic

While listening to the local radio station Star 94.5's Saturday Night Old-Skool House Party Mix, they played a little sample of some old Michael Jackson LP's and got me thinking about the "Bad" album. Which made me think about the last bonus song on the album, "Leave Me Alone". Which made me think about the video for the song with all of the cardboard cutouts and shit. Which made me think of...

Yes kids, "Moonwalker" the MJ classic from 1988 that had so many budget problems it went straight to video. It's not available on DVD as best as I can find except some grainy-ass bootleg version, which is a shame because Melissa has never experienced the awesome and campy power that is "Moonwalker". I think it is a shame that this "movie" has been buried. I don't think even MTV has played it in a decade but then again, it could be considered a "Movie that Rocks!" on VH1, but then again, what isn't now a days?

In the meantime, here are some images that I have found from the movie that can wet your appetite until it shows up on NetFlix.

From the "Badder" segment. A mini Michael gets kicked in the family jewels.

Some Garbage Pail Kid look-a-likes start chasin' after MJ

Even Pee-Wee gets in on the action?

I remember him doing a dance off with this Joe Camel-Bugs Bunny rip off.

Michael gets skooled.

Its hard to be MJ

God! You anything was possible in the 80's!

The original "Mr. Big" complete with antenna hairdo. Joe Pesci ladies and gentlemen.

Look at him run. Christ!

This photo is a rare shot of him looking normal.

What did I tell you?!?! Eighty-Eight miles per hour!!

Watch out Mr. Big, this ass-whoopins' got your name all over it!
Don't make me take off my hat and reveal my true self!

I warned you.

A boi-boi-yoing!

I have the power!


Michael saved the day! Yay!

Now lets groove to a Beatles cover on my keytar


The Winner 1:31 PM  

Bri, sometimes the vastness of your random knowledge really freaks me out. Then I enjoy all the stuff we missed growing up in Montana. lol..

swirlogirl 3:43 PM  

AHAHAHAH oh my godness. this was gold. thanks for the moonwalker bootleg recap. i hope we can all get together and enjoy this as a family one day on dvd

Mel 5:33 PM  

HAHAH, rachey, I know. I was all..."What's Moonwalker?"

steph 11:48 PM  

hey, remember my post about my high school reunion, and THE SNUB OF THE CENTURY? the snub of the century was delivered to michelle and i by the chick who i used to have dance classes with, and was the little girl in moonwalker. you know, the blond girl.

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