Sorry I missed Thursday's Post....

Hey, my auto fill says that I've used this title before in a post.


New post tomorrow I promise.

In the meantime I got you some roses to make up for it.


Trav 11:12 PM  

Them roses there smell like booo boooooooooo!

steph 11:59 AM  

are they really saying booo booo? i always thought it was poo poo!

Trav 4:17 PM  

It prolly is poo poo....but some friends of mine that worked at Hyatt said (when something smelled like shit), it smelled like "boo boo".
I dunno.
Just trying to maintain my street knowledge.

Brian 5:51 PM  

Its alright man. I follow. I know you gotz mad skreet cred.

swirlogirl 3:44 PM  

hahaha i gotta go boo boo

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