On the road again...

Well folks, I'm hitting the road early tomorrow morning and heading up to Savannah for the annual Sidewalk Art Festival and drink-a-palooza. I am hoping to get drunk this year as last year I was sadly disappointed. This has become more a convention of the blog-sphere than a arts festival. Pictured above (from left to right)

I.B. Trav of Trav's Total Experience

Steph of Steph Lehman

Josh of Ramblings of a Poo Tosser

Jen or better known as Swirlogirl

Yours truly in the center with Lady Fanny of the seldom updated Eat Shit & Diebelow, unfortunately, she can't join us this year.

Then we have Mel, the Big Sky Starlet herself.

Then there is Laura and Stacy who don't have blogs and are also not joining us this year. It won't be the same without these three lasses.

I will try to post on Sunday if not too hungover. I've got some stories to share about Terri Hatcher. They will have to wait.


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