A new vice.

Google Earth has taken over my time at the computer.

Gone are the days of uploading videos to YouTube (although I am still doing it) in it's place, Goodle Earth. A downloadable application from the good freaks at Google that incororates their Google Maps with the entire world. The coolest feature is that you can enter a specific address and it will "fly" you to the spot.

You can visit the eiffel tower or your own apartment.

Or your old apartment.

Aside from visiting friends, family and the whole world in sightseeing fashion, there are tools to help you find restaurants, shops, bars, etc.

Cooler than that, switch on the 3-D buildings feature and fly through 3-D citys.

So download today, play around and enjoy.


swirlogirl 10:51 AM  

OMG brian.. when john got google earth we were sitting htere trying to ome up with all the addresses of everyone we've ever known.. it's awesome!

Brian 5:51 AM  

I love when you "Fly" to different places. I sold something on Amazon the other day and I flew to the address to see where my package would be going. That bitch was going next door to the Empire State Building in New York.

swirlogirl 12:12 PM  


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