Happy Birthday my love!

Happy Birthday to the Big Sky Starlet herself. She's my wife and bestest bud and one hell of a gal. I love her to death and hope she has the best birfday ever!

Wanna get her a gift? Visit her online store and buy something! Better yet, visit the page, buy something and then tell someone you know to do the same thing. Its really cool stuff and she puts her blood and sweat into each piece. Act now and she will add tears to it too!

Anywho, honey I hope you have a great day!

I love you!


swirlogirl 10:50 AM  

HOOOOOORAY!!!! happy bday melmel! i hoe there were lots of cupcakes involved!

Brian 5:33 AM  

I hoe too!

swirlogirl 12:11 PM  

HAHAHAHA look i didnt want to bother with word verification again to correct that

Brian 7:45 PM  

No shit.

I mean look at this shit. It's so friggin' long!

After a while I'm gonna be typing War and Peace in Klingon and shit.

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