Big Steve

I wish I had the ability to capture some of my old home videos and post them here. There are some reall jems of my brother Steve. Him giving a classic tour while he worked at the Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom, him shooting bottle rockets in the middle of an open pastur at two in the morning spooking horses, him telling a story about a manatee wacking off and more. Funny ass moments that I wish I could share.

I almost forgot another good one. When he pretended to be in a Disney parade and started jumping on benches and getting in my ______'s face. Priceless. Nobody can scream "Yakitori" at the top of their lungs like him.

Why would I want to present these clips to you? It's his birthday today. That's right. Big Steve Sikorski is another year older.

All that is left is to say "Happy Birthday Bitch" and to tell all of you to check out his portfolio at"


Trav 8:40 AM  

Happy Birthday, Lil' Stevie!
Hope it's a great one!

swirlogirl 2:07 PM  

yeah little one! too bad there are none of these videos brian speaks of!

Brian 11:26 PM  

Someday soon I will have that video capture machine thingy and will be uploading all sorts of stupid shit.

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