TOP CHEF on BRAVO (or Brian is writing again)

Well to Bravo's new show Top Chef started last night and I am going back and forth on how I feel. Not because the show is not good, its not bad. It actually pretty well done aside from the host. The thing that I am teetering on is my feelings of writing the recaps for the show for I mean, I don't mind writing, I actually enjoy it, it's more of the hasle to force myself to sit down and write. Don't get me wrong. I love writing. As a matter of fact, the 300th post of this here blog is in a matter of days. But you as my audience can tell when I am in the mood to write and when I'm not. The days that I'm not into writing you get monkey videos and movies of people getting punched in the nuts.

Take for example my current essay on last night's episode. It was on at 11pm which is way past my bedtime so I taped it. I watched it, paused it every few minutes to take eight, count them, eight pages of notes. The hour long show took two and a half hours to watch. Then the writing of the recap. It took another two and a half hours to write! Not to mention the spellchecking process. As readers of this blog, you wont be surprised to hear the the Microsoft Word crashed halfway through the spell check process. It was a coward and took the easy way out.

After all was said and done, 2269 words. Oye Vey! I guess be careful what you ask for. It only ten episodes long, so even if I get tired of it, the finish line is not far away. Did I mention that I just signed up to recap the next Hells Kitchen that starts this summer? Glutton for punishment.


swirlogirl 3:45 PM  

will someone cut someonee eelse's are off witht hat shiny knife in this show?

swirlogirl 3:46 PM  

damn! my typing is horrid.. that was "someone else's arm off with that"

Brian 11:51 AM  

I gotcha' girrrrl. I gotcha!

Anonymous 7:14 PM  

I thought you were talking "street" and refering to someones ear.... in the same "street" tone as if you were to say "its gettn hot in her"..

but i guess i am wrong and should go sit in the corner..

Josh (I forgot my blogger log in stuff so I can't log in right now)

Anonymous 7:15 PM  

To clarify,, that post was written by Josh,, that was not some inside sneaky message that nobody else would get....

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