One time I saw a monkey giving a cat a bath. That's craaaasy!


swirlogirl 7:57 PM  

AHAHAHHAHAHAH HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! why is that so funny!

Brian Fellows 8:06 PM  

Its just the nature of the beast. That's why.

Trav 10:24 AM  

And be here next week when our special guest will be....a tuuuurrrrtlllllle!

steph 3:32 PM  

AHAHAHHAAAHHAHAHA oh shit i'm gonna lose my job because i just pooped my pants all over my chair from laughing so hard! guess what i'm putting on everyone's myspace page this weekend.

did you guess a monkey giving a cat a bath?


it'll probably be that tshirt i found with cat heads on supermodel bodies!

swirlogirl 3:33 PM  

HAHAHAHAH stop it all of you!

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