How you know you are old...

While dining at a restaurant the other day I happened to notice that inbetween the normal Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra tunes, Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was being played. Mind you that this song was not being performed by the original artists. Kurt Cobain was not rocking out in his traditional melancholy nature. Nor was the song being performed by Richard Cheese, Weird Al or even the illustrious Drew of "Drew's Party Music" Nay. It was performed by a Harry-Michael-Connick-Buble-Junior-type.

Hello, hello, hello, how low?

I am approaching my thirtieth birthday and I have been noticing little things like this everywhere we go. It seems like the mellow rock stations are becoming the new oldies stations. The Captain and Tennillel are being replaced with Peter Cetera and Amy Grant. "Love will keep us together", indeed. We've moved from the days where Cheers, The Cosby Show and the Fresh Prince of Bell Air were shown in prime time on one of the four major networks to today where Cheers, The Cosby Show and the Fresh Prince of Bell Air are shown in prime on Nick at Nite! I am having a hard time with this. Danny Tanner from Full House tells dirty jokes on the Aristocrats while Cowboy Curtis is taking us into the Matrix. Times they are a changing.


swirlogirl 11:21 AM  

im not with bob saget's dirty jokes!

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