So as you can read by the review in the "Rentables" section to the right, I recently viewed the film "Elizabethtown". You can get the scoop on the film in the review but I wanted to take a moment to point something out in the film that I totally forgot about when hearing about this movie. It featured... NO starred! The one and only (and girlfriend to my brother Steven) Lindsey Goins the one and only. What? You've never heard of Lindsey's work? Well screw you. She's bigger than Jennifer, Jennifer, Angelina, Jennifer and Eva combined. You still don't recall her? Well check this out...

That's right! Little old Lindsey front and center. She upstaged Orlando Bloom that's how hot she is. BOOM! There she is.

Haven't had enough? Well of course it's an S.R.S. sequence so here she is again...

Blamo! Totally convincing! I believed she was actually catching a plane! She tilts her head down as she walks past Kiki Dunst as if disgusted by her or is she contemplating the shittyness of the nondescript cup of coffee in her hand. What an actress. What an artist.

What's next for the young starlet? The sky's the limit!


Trav 7:30 AM  

Thanks for posting the scenes!

swirlogirl 8:40 PM  

i am standing up doing an 80s clap now

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