What a storm

Well, the crazy Hurricane Wilma has passed. Central Florida is picking up the pieces. As I posted before, I was unsure of the path of the hurricane and not willing to believe the hype. I was too scared to venture outdoors to take a picture of the storm, so I searched the internet for a picture that best described what I saw. Luckily I found one.

That's right. It was a beautiful day. Yes, it rained till a little after noon, but that was all. Crisis diverted.

Anywho, venturing to Columbia today to take part in the annual Halloween festivities. I'll check you chickens out on Thursday.


steph 12:58 PM  

oh good!!! i'm so glad you guys didn't get it too badly! see ya this weekend!

Brian 10:45 AM  

Of course, the people to the south of us got hit pretty hard. We got lucky. I don't wanna say "I told you so", but the writing is on the walls.

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