It has become my obligation to post about the passing of lesser known pop-culture legends.Len Dresslar has died. Who is Len Desslar?

(Click on the Jolly Green Giant for a little surprise)

Most of you will remember him as the "HO-HO-HO" voice of the Green Giant and "Snap", of the Rice Crispy Monsters.

This man holds a special place in my heart, as in many others. I remember a certain trip to Disney World when I was in college. The entire night in the hotel, Travis and I were laughing (much to Stacy and Melissa annoyment) of the Jolly Green Giant visiting us and providing us with a can of Niblets.

We'll miss ya' man. We'll miss ya.

He was 80 years old.


Trav 11:24 AM  

Um, Bri, did you notice that the JOLLY Green Giant has a large, um, Stalk, between his legs!!!!!!!!
Someone has more than some NIBLETS, right???

Brian 11:27 AM  

As a matter of fact, I did. I've got to delight my readers some way. I hope this is a little glimps into his world. After all, now you know where Sprout came from.

In all actuallity, I didn't see it in the small thumbnail on Google Images. Once I saw it posted, I figured I would leave it. Too funny.

Mel 11:46 AM  

Oh, NO YOU DID NOT post a pic of a can of niblets.

That giant is VERY jolly.

steph 11:35 AM  

AHAHAHHHAHA oh my god that's awesome!

Trav 11:40 AM  

(ho ho ho)

swirlogirl 9:24 PM  

boi oi oi oi oi oi oinnnnng

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