Some eye candy for ya' today!

For your viewing pleasure I present three video that I saw on Milk and Cookies that I know you will all love.


This is my favorite blooper from a game show. Some may consider it NSFW.


An old bitch cursing. Always a jem. Definetly NSFW.

Last but not least...

A commercial for Guiness that would never play in the US.

Oh and while I'm at it, why not throw in a pinch of Mike Myers and his buddy Kanye West. I'm pretty sure my phone is tapped.


Trav 3:40 PM  

Ok-Haven't looked at the videos yet but I noticed there's a clip of the Mike Myers and Kanye video.
The looks on MM's face and when Kanye walks off camera....wasn't that damn funny???hahaha

Trav 6:48 PM  

Saw that game show clip on the VH1 Best Game Show blunders special a while ago. That shit is funny.
Speaking of VH1, got some 3D glasses from Best Buy today. They were handing them out for the I LOVE THE 80's 3D special this Monday. I will record it and we can try it out when you get here!

swirlogirl 9:32 PM  

ahahah i lov ethat ol mastubating banana! that guinness commercial is sweet!

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