Leave your pussies at the door

So bitches, after attending Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights last night, I have this to report. Weak-ass haunted houses. I think I can say I was mearly startled more than scared. I guess you had to be a pre-pubecent teen to really get the full effect. There were some creep moments, specifically, the over weight Michael Myers.

The best part of the night, aside from laughing at the "haunted houses" or almost getting thrown out of the park for "sneeking in" to the Bill & Ted show, was getting my bitch-ass on the rollercoasters. Yes, yours truely went on the Dueling Dragons as well as The Hulk. They were both very good, thanks for asking and I want to ride them again and again.

Thanks go out to Trav and Duane as well as Stacy for a wonderful evening.

See you chickens on Sunday.


Trav 12:59 PM  

#1-Where the hell did you get that picture? That's funny as shit. Michael's puttin' some WEIGHT on it. And I love the Loomis! LOL!
Numero #2- The haunted houses weren't scary? I know of a certain someone who seemed freaked out by something in each one.....not naming any names....(but it wasn't me this year).
hee hee hee.

Brian 5:40 PM  

Not scary... startling. A few jumps. Nothing bloodcurdling or anything of the sort.

By the way, jsut a random picture. I of course photoshop'd the belly to add to the effect.

Trav 11:58 PM  

Damn. That's some good Photoshopping, sir. That mofo looks like he been makin luv to some Big Macs!
Tell my wife and keedz I love dem...

swirlogirl 11:17 AM  

ahhahhahahahah holy schnizzles! i've got somee workout dvds that mr myers can borrow

Trav 7:35 PM  

Looks like Dr Loomis is worn out from doin' some Pilates!
Michael looks like the Tai-Bo type.
I mean, just look at that hair...

swirlogirl 11:15 AM  

hahah i bet dr loomis is hella flexible and has the agility of a cat. michael on the other hand. that dude needs help!

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