Since Halloween is closely approaching, I figured that I would post about something that will shake the very fabric of your soul. Post about something that will tear at your will, turn you into a preschool child. I am talking about....

The flying cockroach.

W.T.F.? I mean really. It's the plain old run of the mill roach is bad enough, but they fly too? This is not a new phenomena. I have been privy to the horror of the flying pest many times before, but like a classic horror film, It gets you every time. I am not a religious man, but I question God's plan on this one. Is he/she fucking with us? It's just wrong. Okay, maybe you don't believe in God, what the hell was up with this evolutionary leap? What caused natural evolution to give this ugly bitch wings? I guess some people like them, this cat above is keeping one as a flippin pet.

For those of you blessed to never have seen the flying variety of the cockroach, (a.k.a. Palmetto Bug or Asian Cockroach), it looks like any old run of the mill bug. You grab the bottle of Raid Max (sorry animal rights people, "Thank you, I Love You"), and instead of it running or dropping to the ground, I comes towards you. Not often in a straight line, more like a drunk pilot, but it comes to you none the less.

Next year for Halloween Horror Nights, they should have a room full of roaches and have only one that flies. Its that element of suspense that gets you. Does it fly, does it not? AH! It flies!



steph 12:30 PM  

man i ran into those ALL THE TIME in savannah and i crapped myself every single time!

Trav 3:41 PM  

Ok. This is freaky.
Did you hear my call last night? I was attacked and nearly mauled by one of those flyin' f-ers last night! How wild you would post about it! That thing came outta NOwhere and attacked me while I was sitting in the chair. GEEEEEBUS!
Not to mention, Duane and I were discussing the sheer growth in numbers of the damn cockroaches over the last week and the fact they seem to be getting into the house more and more.
Fear not, party guests: we sprayed the place down and will continue to do so.
That is all.

Brian 5:45 PM  

pheeew. thank go you sprayed. I wuz gettin' scared!

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