I 'm pretty sure I deserved that one.

Its official. Orlando is now Ground Zero for stupidity. And I blame this man...

This is Orlando's local ABC Channel 9's own Chief Meteorologist Tom Terry, or as I like to call him, Scary Terry. He has a knack for making things sound worse than they actually are. The storm is like 750 miles away from us, they have no clue on what it is going to do, and most projections show it moving more and more south each time the forecast is updated yet the interrupted "LOST", twice to show the radar of the storm. There is even a chance that the damn thing wont even hit Florida and go straight into Mexico. Melissa woke me up this morning and told me she was getting worried about the hurricane. OH GOD NOT YOU TOO!?!?! It must be something in the water. For christsakes, the damn thing is just sitting in the Caribbean. For all we know, she's just looking for Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl. Who the hell knows.

All I do know is that I will not be taken by all this hogwash.

That... and Tom Terry is a huge tool.


Mel 11:11 AM  

The reason I was worried, was that when I went to bed the night before, it was a rather messed up little tropical storm. When I woke up the next day, is was an organized CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE. Like, in 8 hours. It was just a shock. But, she's calmed down and so have I.

No longer freaking out, thankyouverymuch. 'Cone of Indecision' is my new favorite phrase. Right after 'Beware that pack of hoydens'.

swirlogirl 9:17 PM  

hahah mant his year has been banananas with the hurricanes ok! and everytime its a new one the news goes nuts proclaiming it to be harder better faster stonger and a RECORD! HOLY SHIT! what are we gonna do! granted katrina fucked some shit up but people please.. this happens every year! p.s. i can't stand local news!

Trav 12:41 PM  

I DO hope it doesn't go near you guys! We know that could be some scary shit!
And that guy DOES look like a major tool.

Mel 12:42 PM  

And damn, Savannah had the WORST local news. THE WORST.

steph 6:21 PM  

okay so i'm a worrier, right? the other night i asked josh if he thought the world might be slowly ending, with more and more crazy huge natural disasters, like they seem to be happening one on top of the other, and you hear people say it's all global warming, and that shit ain't gonna get better so uhhh, are we all gonna die?

and this is josh calvert on the end of the world:

"this place needs it. this place needs it bad.

which kind of cracks me up.

Mel 7:38 PM  

I figure that it's just that we have more access to news from all over. This stuff has all been going on everywhere for eons, it's just that now we hear about all of the stuff going on all over the world, all the time. Not to mention that with so many people live on the globe, the chance for massive destruction is much higher. They're just aren't that many uninhabited places left.

At least, that's what I tell myself.

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