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So for those of you who may remember, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about going on some rollercoasters at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Well I have not been able to stop thinking about those rides. Just today, I was driving down I-4 and I could see over the nearby buildings, the tall loops of "The Hulk". I found myself fixed in a stare. Longing to ride.

I was never a big fan of rollercoasters. In fact, when I mentioned to my brother that I went on the ones at IOA, he said, "Since when do you like rollercoasters?" Truth of the matter, I never really have... and I don't know why.

I think I may have stemmed from a fear of heights. That and a ride on the log flume at the old "Boardwalk & Baseball" theme park in nearby Haines City. The height of the flume combined with the banging of the log as it hit the edges of the flume. It gave the feeling of not being in control. Then the drop. As I remember, there were two. One straight and one with bumps. I just remember feeling so certain that the lightweight log was going to fly right off the water and we would all tumble to our deaths. I'm still not a big fan of water flumes to this day. They just seem a little scary since they are not on a track.

I rode Big Thunder Mountain at Disney World's Magic Kingdom plenty of times, but I wasn't brave enough to ride space Mountain. I had heard the stories of the teenager who had his head chopped off and it fell back and landed in some girls lap. My Uncle Richard used to comment that as a tall man, it made him uncomfortable because the rafters were so close. Then one day, my uncle Marc took me on Space Mountain. I cant remember if it was by choice or by force. I assume the latter. Inside the que, I could hear the screams of the people on the ride. The screams coming from the dark. Only small glimmers of light could be seen from the glow-in-the-dark stripe on the side of the cars. As we boarded, my heart was beating out of my chest. The seatbelt was attached (yes, for those of you out there who only know the lap bars, in the old days it was a seatbelt) and I knew there was no getting out now. We were on the "B" side. As the rocket rounded to the right and stopped in the "prepare for launch" room, I hear, "Attention flight safety, you are go for launch".

There is a pause

"Attention flight safety, you are go for launch."

"Attention flight safety, you are go for launch."

"Attention flight safety, you are go for launch."

The ride had broken down. Stuck in a round room with grey ways and hearing we are go for launch, I was about to loose my lunch. Then, "Attention to Mountain, Attention to Mountain, Interior Illumination will be activated in one minute." Oh shit! This ain't good! Or is it? Maybe, they will evacuate the ride and I can get off.

A worker comes by and tells me they are having trouble on the other track and are sending some empty cars.

Attention to Mountain, Attention to Mountain, Interior Illumination is activating now"

Thank God we are not on the top of the track and I could not see the ride with the lights on.

After about what I remember as 15 minutes or so, the ride was off.

And I loved it.

Now, years later, I have shied away from coasters at places like Bush Gardens. I stick with the coasters I can't see. Its psychologically easier to handle. Things like "Rockin' Rollercoaster" at the Disney MGM Studios. That was until a couple of weeks ago.

Now I want to ride Dueling Dragons again.

...and the Hulk

I recently stumbled across some cheesy-ass video of the new rollercoaster at Bush Gardens called Sheikra. It features two 90 degree vertical drops. The clincher is it hangs you over the edge, stops and then lets you go. Sounds like fun. Now if I can only get over my fear of that climb on the click hill.

(Click the picture for the video)


steph 10:11 AM  

for a sec i thought that was the shakira rollercoaster, and i was like WHAT THE FUCK HAS SHE DONE THAT WARRANTS HAVING A FUCKING ROLLERCOASTER NAMED AFTER HER!!! THAT BITCH!

Trav 11:27 AM  

Shaking her wares on those damn cel phone commercials. That bitch be loca!
Bri-we gotta ride that shit! We are the Rollercoasta Ridas!

Shakira 12:00 PM  

Oye! I don't know what you bitches are saying. How dares you talk about me like that. I sure you are some scrawny piece of shit. I hope you never come to one of my shows. I kill you. That right. I fucking kill you.

Anonymous 12:27 PM  

It's about damn time you start livin' on the edge. Check out this link to the BEST roller coaster I've ever been on out here at Magic Mountain.

I don't get scared on roller coasters but this one made a couple of drops of pee come out.


swirlogirl 3:01 PM  

i LOOOOOVE coasters! the best cheap thrill ever

Wendizell 1:17 PM  

I think the first time i ever went on space mountain was with Mark too. I remember we waited in line forever...then as soon as the cars came around the corner I shit myself and started to cry. I eventually went on..poop and all

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