So last night there was a pretty fierce electrical storm that came throught the area. Lightning storms are not rare. In fact, Orlando is considered the lightning capital of the nation. Now, I think I should let it be known that Mel has a huge fear of lightning. The flash of light, the loud bang! Her eyes get as large as saucers and she's curled into the fetal position. I feel a little bad not telling Melissa about our city's lightning status before moving here. When she first heard that, she seemed a little shocked. I chuckled as she looked at me as if to ask, "Did you know that?".

Did I forget to mention that?


Trav 12:34 PM  

AWESOME! I LOVE that animation!
Poor Mel......looks like she got zip-ZAPPED!

swirlogirl 9:22 PM  

AHHAHAHAA i LOVE her emergency rain poncho

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