Where the hell was my sweet sixteen party?

So, I've been captivated by MTV's "My Super Sweet 16". God have mercy on our souls that these human beings are walking the planet. Melissa leaves the room whenever I watch it. It makes her sick. I see it as if I were watching "Faces of Death" without all the gore. Its like a car accident. You know you shouldn't look, but you do. For those of you not in the know about this disaster, let me fill you in.

First of all for the record, I can't stand MTV. When the music left, I did too. I can't stand this teenybopper bullshit. Okay, okay, Degrassi isn't bad, but that's on an entirely different channel all together.

So the show starts with a diva.

In this case, a male diva, or as he called himself a Divo

Sometimes, our diva's have a backstory,

Take our little tart Jazmin. Yes, that is how her name is spelt. You see, "Princess Jazmin" was in a foster home until she was adopted by a rich family ten months ago. We get to see Jaz in the family's private plane, getting everything she wants and of course, we get a lesson in life as a foster child.

Each episode usually features a best friend. In this case its Brittany. You see, the reason Brittany has a long face is that she did a little thing to piss off the birthday girl and has been kicked out of her V.I.P. status.

Each diva has a certain way they want to make their entrance. This tart wanted to be carried in by half dressed men. Jazmine had her friends watch her on a big screen drive up in a limo and make an entrance. Our little Divo from the beginning of this post, came in ala Beyonce. Complete with flash bulbs and everything.

The party is always kickin' until something happens to set off the diva. The looks of terror when something goes wrong always delights me.

What sweet sixteen party wouldn't be complete without a performance of somesort? Here our little divo had a fashion show. No doubt. For those of you interested, Jazmin jamed with her band.

Every guy/girl hopes for a car on their birthday. Here is our little Jazmin's ride. She didn't think she was getting one since she failed her drivers test. I half expected her to flip out, when she visited the lot, she said she loooooved the red one. I was hoping for a class "A" freak-out. I SAID RED GOD DAMN IT!!!!!

If you haven't seen this schlock fest, tune in. It's worth a laugh or two.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, Jazmin said that her car was the best thing she ever got.



steph 10:33 AM  

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH i've said it before and i'll say it again.

i. need. cable.

swirlogirl 9:17 PM  

hahah man i haven't seen this i just won't cuz i know it will make me angry! there was one ep with some girl named sophie though that created this giant internet backlash against her. it was prettttty wacky! and that you gotta love.

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