There's been something missing...

With the declining ratings of Tommy Lee Goes to College and only 142 readers checking out my recap last week (down from the 489 on the first week), I have turned my attention to this here blog. Something has been missing. Something has been lacking from my life.

When looking through a trade magazine the other day, I came across a random picture. The picture of Kevin Bruce, President and CEO of Strategic Equipment and Supply Corporation in Dallas, Texas. The picture captured my attention because of his captivating, "I'm gonna eat your soul", smile.

Upon seeing his picture, I realized that he was what was missing in my life. He is the thing that will complete me in my online escapades.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to my very special friend Kevin...

Kevin will be offering words of wisdom for all of you in the coming weeks in a section of the website called "Kevin's Korner". You will be able to ask Kevin a question about life and he will answer it in all honesty and candor. If you are interested in asking Kevin a question, please drop a Kevin a line at


Anonymous 1:23 PM  

I enjoy reading the stories on your site. Keep up the super articles!


swirlogirl 8:12 PM  

do you have a regular link on the side to your tommy lee recaps? the popups on that site are the only downside

Brian 7:47 AM  

No shit. Here's the link

Wait that's the only downside?

Brian 7:47 AM  

Oh shit! I've been spammed! It's my first!!!! I'm so excited!

steph 10:10 AM  

i feel like i should give you a happy first spam present or something...

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