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During the spring break of our sophomore year of college, Travis and I were asked if our room could be featured in the college's new interactive CD-ROM that they were sending to prospective students. They were using a new fangled technology called QuickTime-VR to give the prospects the ability to view our room and focus on things that interested them.

Click here for the QuickTime of our dorm room!
Remember: Press SHIFT to Zoom In and CONTROL to Zoom Out

They wanted up posed as if we were doing work. I remember we were placing things in specific places so that when we saw this in the future we would laugh at "the timecapsule" aspect of it all. Things like the phone and remote controls. The scary marionette puppet, The retarded monster mask wearing a straw hat, On the stool note the presence of the infamous O.J. Mask complete with a party hat. The Prince picture, our walkmans and of course Mr. Yoshida. Ah those were the days.


Miss Maggotus 8:20 PM  

I just want to say for the record that I've loved seeing all of the videos and stuff that you've put up on here.

In the good TRL Spirit.. I'd like to request that you show the amazing Mentos commercial that you guys made.. If you can find it.. I'd like to see it.. and give a shout-out to by boy Ray-Ray in Cell Block D!

swirlogirl 10:43 PM  

LOL! that room is so CRAMMED with stuff. unbelievable. i LOVE trav's old comforter. that's some shit i recall wanting at some time. is SO MODERN!

Trav 2:28 PM  

You wrong fo' dissing my Kids Incorporated-inspired bedding set!
What can I say?
I was on the cusp of fashion and decorum back then!

Mel 4:02 PM  

omigod, kids incoporated BWAHAHAHAHAH!

swirlogirl 2:58 PM  

tehehahaa shit! man at one time i wanted that shit too!

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