It's Dancing Time in the Archives!

Today's little nugget comest from our junior year I believe. I shot a quick vid of the one and only Ms. Swirlogirl, she was just being herself and dancing in one of the O-House hellevators. Then of course, Travis added a kickin' Ru Paul ditty to it and it was off. Way off/

So without further ado.... Here is "Party Train"


swirlogirl 12:08 PM  

AHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAH!! im holding my face so hard trying to keep quiet and not wake up john. it looks like some club mtv up in that piece. HAHAHA i have no words for how much that makes me laugh!

Trav 5:37 PM  

AHHH YEH!!!!!!!!!
Jen is soooo damn funny!
Love the scrolling text!
Love the Party Train.

swirlogirl 6:12 PM  

hahahah i love the perfectly placed ALLLL ABOARD!

steph 10:13 AM  

pure. comedy. gold! that's fuckin' hot!

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