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While watching the schlockfest that was the Emmy's, I had to say I was a bit upset to see the In memoriam segment this year. Melissa usually groans and starts watching the clock to see how long it is going to drag on for (since she is a robot). This year the segment started with Eddie Albert. Being a fan of classic TV, Eddie Albert was a god. Nothing better than sitting back an watching some Green Acres. It was particularly uspsetting since I had forgotten that he had died.

I also saw over the weekend that Robert Wise had died. For those of you who don't know who he was, shame on you. He was a film director who made some of the most often quoted/immitated movies around. I was a big fan of his films and was lucky enough to have some cameos in most of them. Here is a brief run through of some of his best known films and my work with him...

The Day the Earth Stood Still
I played Gort. That's right Klattu Barada Nickto!

The Haunting
Yes, Here I am playing Dr. Sanderson in the orginal version. The new one was shit.

The Hindenburg
Oh the humanity!

West Side Story
Not a big part in this classic. I did learn some killer dance moves though.

The Sound of Music
Played the lead. Critics loved me... even though I looked like shit as a blonde.

The Andromeda Strain
Here you see Robert Wise giving me some direction in my space suit.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Dark time in my life, had to shave my head. What I won't do for money.

Rest in piece Bob.


Dad 10:34 PM  

That's some funny cool shit!

Mel 10:36 AM  

You silly mofo. God I love you.

swirlogirl 1:07 PM  

HAHAHAH you are insane with the pshop. what a body of work!

steph 3:58 PM  

i just got laughed at because people on the other end of the art department can hear me giggling my head off at your freakin' west side story pic. thanks a lot!!!

no seriously. that is some funny, funny shit.

Brian 5:46 PM  

What can I say, I take my craft very very seriously. I know it had to get some hell of a response for my dad to say "shit". I have achieved one of my life goals.

Trav 3:17 PM  

Bri, that was AWESOME!

Brian 10:25 PM  

Photoshopped pics?

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