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I had to work last night. I wasn't too pleased to be at work. I should be home eating a pizza with Mel and watching Lost. That's how we roll. To say that I am obsessed with the show would be an understatement. I kept sneaking peaks in the breakroom to see what was going on. When the show ended, two employees called me as the credits rolled to tell me that I missed out. If you haven't watched the show, buy the first season and get caught up. Its a damn good show. And Steph, you don't need cable to watch it. If you have a DVR, you can be like me and rewatch the episode in slow-mo to see if you missed any clues. I love getting to work the next day and sharing theories with the other addicts. Oh and by the way, visit www.oceanic-air.com and enter the numbers in the title of this post in order on the plane seating chart and get more info than you ever wanted.

For those of you who are not into LOST...

Here is the best T-Shirt I have ever seen. I crapped my pantalones laughing when I saw it. Click on the image to buy it.

Oh shit. I'm laughing just looking at it. Damn that's some good shit!!!

And for those of you who have not seen the "Shining" trailer yet, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

It's a true testimate to how with a little change in music and editing, you can change the feel of a movie.


swirlogirl 9:21 PM  

HAHAHAHAHA ok this post is just funny upon funny! i cant stand it from laughing so much! that shining thing is awesome! and so is that shirt. flipping hilarious!

Trav 9:42 AM  

You KNOW I love the trailer idea! That's cool as shit!
The shirt is badass too!
You will be proud of me that Duane and I watched Lost together the other night. Not tooooo shabbbyyyy.
I couldn't stop him from watching the first ep of this new season to call you though. He was sick as a dawg and I quarantined his ass in another side of the house.

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