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In keeping with the previous post and our flashback to a simpler time, I bring you the story of the R.A.C.T.S. show & tell. Now for those not familiar, I was, along with Travis, a resident assistant at the Savannah College of Art and Design's Oglethorpe House. One year at the Resident Assistant Continuous Training Session (R.A.C.T.S.), we were informed that we were going to take part in a show and tell. We, along with our friend Rori, decided the go the opposite way of our co-workers and "turn it out". We decided to make a short video. It was well known that we really could care less about the workshops and bureaucracy of the whole thing, we just cared about making a few extra bucks to fund our good times and usually getting to choose who we roomed with.

Our video featured us learning that we had to take part in a show and tell and having to come up with an idea of what we should do. While discussing it, OJ Simpson comes to visit and wants to learn how to be an R.A. Rori and I take OJ under our wing and show him the ropes. We attempt to tame him of his violent tendencies and conduct himself in a peaceful and professional manner. We teach him how to complete a maintenance request form and while on rounds of the residence hall, we come across a fellow R.A. dressed for a night on the town as well as a resident (my wife Melissa) who is making too much noise in her room. (NSFW)

Needless to say, our video was a huge success and proved more interesting than anyone's handmade diary or coin collection.


Trav 8:13 PM  

Oh no you din't!
Bri, you are a TROOO Grandmasta!
I leave for a little while, come back, and you have these TREASURES posted on your site!
I am DYING reading the site and seeing those long lost vids again!
Also: I love Sabrina and the Cafeteria Girlz.
They truly made those 4 years in school memorable.
Long live the Cafeteria Ho's!

swirlogirl 8:38 PM  

AHAHAHAHHAHAH i sooo remember trav showing us this!!! and we would die laughing when rori puts her foot int he door. i love the cinema verite of it all!

Brian 9:54 PM  

I am glad that you folks are enjoying it. I have many more pieces of goodness to show. Keep an eye out soon for some Talent Show Specials as well as a Jen Norwood Parrty Train!

steph 2:07 PM  

i need to start sneaking some earphones into work so i can see this crap! dammit!

swirlogirl 7:26 PM  

hahhaha i can't wait for this shit. i dread to see myself in the days of yore. this is gonna be hilarious

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