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I am not the biggest fan of sit-coms. If there is something that is honestly and truly different and sharp, I tend to watch it. I attempted to watch an episode of "The Office" today. I've seen the British version and was not impressed. The US version today was not much better. I guess I would have to like Dilbert to enjoy this show.

BUT, if you have not checked out the two newest and in my opinion BEST SHOWS EVER on FX (yes, cable... sorry Steph) you need to see them now. Now I know when Trav was here I spoke to him a bit about these shows but they are honestly the funniest and most bizarre shows I have ever seen. If I ever wrote a sit-com, I think that it would have been something like these two shows. They are my type of humor. Here's a quick rundown.

Thursday 10pm on FX: The show centers on Sam, a compulsive over-eater (he also directs, writes and produces all episodes). He is joined by his three friends who all have eating disorders. I know this sounds like a laugh riot, but it is. Check out the show's website and check out some of the clips.

Thursday 10:30 on FX: The show is four friends that own a bar. They have problems. The first episode dealt with them being racist. The second one titles, "Charlie wants an abortion" dealt with one of them finding out he may be a father. The third episode had them serve high school kids booze and being asked to the prom. Tonight, one of the characters claims to have cancer to get girls. Best. Show. Ever. Check out their web page here and see the clips.

That's it. Watch them. Love them. I'll be asking.


steph 6:20 PM  


swirlogirl 11:45 AM  

i have missed these seeing as i have no idea when they were on. but the promos looked interesting... personally i'm waiting to nip tuck to come back

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