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TODAY'S POST IS #200 and to celebrate, let's switch gears and talk about my brother Steven.

For those of you DVD fanatics and Muppet fans, The Muppet Show Season One was released. I have not picked this up as yet since I can't afford the $27, but I hear it is fantastic.
Steve (second from left to right) worked on the menu design. He came up with the design based on the feedback of Disney and the internet community is abuzz. Here is some comments I have noticed... said...
Menu Design and Navigation: Menus are excellent. A screen of various-colored blocks rotates around in a V-like fashion, revealing the main menu. At various points, the blocks with the show logo flip around, and Statler and Waldorf (the two old guys in the balcony) say one of several various things. If you donít choose a menu option after a certain amount of time, they even comment about your not choosing to play the show (they THANK you). Each option (Play All, Episode Selection, Set Up, Muppet Morsels, and Special Features) are all on an individual block. Selecting a block will cause the blocks to flip, and a sub-menu (blocks with a certain color scheme, with several blocks removed) will open up. The options for each submenu are in the part where blocks have been removed. Episode selection menus (Miss Piggy themed) offer a screenshot of the episode guest, as well as the episode name. Text links at the bottom offer to take you to either episode selection menu page 1 (Ex: 1-3) or page two (Ex: 4-6). For what itís worth ñ the episodes are included in the disc in production order. The original air order is so erratic that production order simply works best." said..."In these times where choosing one’s words carefully is more important than ever, it’s typically best to avoid overdoing it with hyperbole. That said, The Muppet Show – Season One is the greatest DVD release of all-time, ever, anywhere."

MrCranky (who usually hates everything) said..."The DVD menus ñ which feature full-motion clips of Statler and Waldorf ñ are simple and easy to navigate. Viewers can play all episodes or choose an individual one."

So good stuff, for the guy who just up and left with little to know money and moved to L.A. After struggling for a while, got himself a great respectable job at 3oh5 Creative. He has also done work on the Disney Learning Adventures: Around the World in 80 Days and made a killer CG tornado for the Muppets Wizard of OZ DVD menu.

Way to go Steve! I'm proud of ya' bud!

While I'm dishing out props to everyone:

* Big props to my beautiful and talented wife Melissa, who just finished her portfolio online, so check it out and love it.

* Big props to Duane for finally starting a blog (the circle is complete).

* Big Props to Trav for his gungho banners that are popping up and rotating all over the place. They are too cool.

* Big Props to Steph for finishing the page and her groovy gallery.

* Big Props to Jen for her new banner and redesign of Conversations About Famous People - It rocks hard!

And by the way, since this has been my 200th post, here's a few little gifts for all of you. Check out these links, I promise that they won't suck.


World School Photographs-Give them information and they find your school yearbook photo - Really cool!
Cliff's Notes for R.Kelly

Do not push the Red Button!

That's all I got! Have a great weekend. Trav and Duane, have a safe trip and I'll see you tomorrow!


Anonymous 1:55 PM  

Thanks for the props. I'm honored that I could be your 200th post. I'm not sure that you can tell that I'm really jazzed about this DVD release what with all the emails I've been sending. Thanks again for the kind words.


swirlogirl 2:03 PM  

man that is the shit! your bro is like this close to famous. is he rich too?

swirlogirl 2:05 PM  

AND that school photo thing is HIGHLARIOUS i just cackled at work. thanks

Trav 2:20 PM  

STEVE! Congrats man!
THat is so awesome...that DVD is HIGH PROFILE right now!
And Bri, thanks for the kind words...congrats on your 200th Post!!
We look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night.....

Anonymous 4:56 PM  

I am so proud of Steven. I won't deny the move to LA scared your dad and I but we are so proud of you and what you accomplished!! I'm proud of you too Bri and Wend for what you are doing too. Mom

steph 9:27 AM  

okay. i went to the school photos page thinking HOW DO THEY HAVE ALL THE SCHOOL PHOTOS EVER TAKEN?! THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS!

and then i got to the site and it really looks very serious and maybe even legit. and i'm pluggin in my information all skeptical like, thinking man, it's not gonna have anything.

and then lo and behold it pulled up my senior photo. AMAZING!!!!

steph 9:28 AM  

p.s. i put mel's portfolio on my links page - can't see it at home, takes kind of a long time to pull up on dial up but i will defintely check it out at work on monday!

swirlogirl 1:20 PM  

has steven found the rainbow connection?

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