Squatters Rights.

Driving around town with nothing else to do, Mel and I stopped by Baldwin Park, a new community being built here in Orlando. The places are really nice. It reminds us a lot of Celebration, the planned town that Disney built. If we had the money, or in fact, any money, we would consider it. Instead we just stopped by the model homes to see things that we can only imagine. Sigh.

One of the homes features a second floor movie theater. Now do you get the idea of the chichi-ness of this place? A flippin' movie room.

Note the "Expect to be impressed" marquee above the door. Take it from me... I was. Oh boy was I ever. A movie theater in the house. It's like a dream come true.

A popcorn machine? A freaky mannequin? Hell's yeah!

The theater was all tricked out. Sorry for the crappy quality, I didn't want to use a flash, we weren't supposed to be taking pictures, so this was like some covert next-level kindda bullshit.

Melissa had to keep reminding me that this stuff doesn't actually come with the house, its just a suggestion. "But there is furnished packages, surely it can be an option on one of them to have the theater installed?", I ask her. "Sure", she says in fear of feeding my obsession.

She went off to explore the rest of the home as I took in "Atlantis", that was playing on the big screen. See! That is the majesty of the theater! I actually sat down to watch a bad movie!

Mel scraped me off the chair and took me downstairs and out of the house. "But why can't we have it?", I asked like a small child passing a toy store. She explained aside from being too expensive, she said it was too big and it would cost too much to keep up. I just told her that we could just close off a wing in the winter... and summer... and when ever.


Trav 12:58 PM  

I want that screening room!
I think I would probably put my Chucky doll in the ticket booth first though.
And I SURE as hell wouldn't have crap like Atlantis playing......maybe a little Slumber Party Massacre or My Bloody Valentine.

Mel 4:29 PM  

It WAS pretty sweet.

steph 6:55 PM  

what about KILLER PARTY?!!?

man, if i had that kind of money. or any kind of money. i could buy things, and that'd be neat.

Captain Big Wang 2:20 PM  

Wow, what a posh crib, if you guys ever get this kind of a fancy house, can I come over, and go poop?

swirlogirl 9:57 PM  

yeah man we'll all come over and NEVER leave! we're going to convert our garage into a home theater one day in the fuuuuuuuuuture

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