Okay... Okay.

If you took my advice last night about "Starved" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", I feel I have to apologize. The week I pump you guys to watch them and "Staved" is relatively unfunny. I think I laughed once and to top it all off... Darrell efin' Hammond was guest staring as a quiet "magic" yoda-like bulimic. Damn. "It's Always Sunny..." was good but I think after last weeks laugh riot, It just paled in comparison. All I can say is "sorry", I stole your laughs.

There must be something I can do.

I know!!!! Here are some really funny videos. I promise you will laugh if you watch them. If you don't laugh.... your money back! See how generous I am?!!?

A very cool stunt filled commercial.

Sarah Silverman roasts Pam Anderson.

Jeffery Ross roasts Pam Anderson.

Courtney Love attempts to roast Pam Anderson.

Sarah Silverman roasts Hugh Hefner.

Andy Dick plays Harlan McCraney, Presidential speechalist.

A clip from Sarah Silverman's controversial new movie.

Forgive me. Watch. Laugh. This time I mean it.


Trav 11:00 AM  

That Sarah Silverman shit is too funny.
I think you got me hooked on her.
When's her new movie come out?
I wanna see it.

Brian 12:21 PM  

I don't know. They showed it at SXSW and I heard good things. I think limited release later in the year.

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