The little bastards.

So, yesterday the children of Seminole county (where I live) went back to school. Melissa is so damn excited she can't stand it. Before the summer break we wanted to break their tiny little necks! The kids would run up to our sidewalk and play tag. Lucky for us, the railing of the stairs near our bedroom window was "safe". Many many times we had thought of going out there and dishing out a whole lotta hell. Instead, one day I just shook our front door. The kids outside, just stopped what they were doing and started staring at our door that was shaking and quivering. I would stop. They would start playing again, and I would shake it again. They would stop. The would look at the door like a confused dog, tilting their heads and staring at the door, waiting for something to happen or some sort of explanation.

Mel has sworn that she will go out there this year and lash out if she looses sleep over them. "Look kids, I'm old and I need to sleep", she says.

I just hope I'm home when she does that. It will be tits!


steph 3:06 PM  

this is how haunted house rumors start!

swirlogirl 4:38 PM  

you shoudl set out traps like duane and the squireels

The National Enquirer 7:35 PM  

It seems as though a Scandal is starting, Rakeman Allegations, a party animal.

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