The Lady Is A Tramp

There is one memory of college that I will always hold very dear. The memory comes from one of the most unexpected of places, the cafeteria. When Travis and I were in roommates in college, we would often venture down to the cafeteria for some nourishment (and believe me, I use that term very lightly). I was not always the food that we were going for, it was the people. They had some of the best/strangest people working there.

There was the grand dame... Linda "Love"

Linda's daughter "Lil' Bit" (who is dancing with Trav)

Our Streamliner gal, Brenda.

The late-great Miss Margie.

Our best gal, Sabrina.

We first met Brina when she was the "Cash Register Bitch", as she called herself. She later moved to "Pizza Bitch" when she was found goofing off too much. She used to get frustrated when the pizza's went to fast and she had to make more. She was not above calling some one a "Hog-ass". Most of the time it was my wife (then girlfriend) Melissa, who she called Pernissa. I don't know why. She called one of our friends Rori, Farrori. She said she reminded her of a Jeep.

She was a wild one. She would tell you how it is, was and forever will be. She would often stop by our table and chat. Stop to dance if there was some music playing. It was not at all uncommon for her to be on top of a table. She was famous for doing an impersonation of a "white girl dancing". She would sway her hips back and forth and pretend to be flipping her long flowing hair over her shoulder.

We felt comfortable that if one of us ever started to choke, she could help us because she said she was trained in "mouth to mouth suppertation". If we ever decided to take her up on one of her "offers", we knew we couldn't get her pregnant since she had her "deproperuzzah shot. You know, in your arm."

One day she looked sad. Trav and I asked her what was wrong. She told us that one of the guys in the kitchen was threatening her. We asked her what she was going to do about it. She responded by pulling a small gun out from her bra. To this day, we still are unsure on whether it was real or not, but it was classic `Brina.

She was definitely one of the best things about college. Her catchphrase was "You're gonna get me fired!" Everytime we beckoned her to come out and party with us.

My father came to visit one time, and a visit to Savannah was not complete without a visit to Sabrina. She was on her best behavior most of the time. After he left, she claimed that he was "eyeing her" and that she could be my new mama.

The Georgia Guardian was a local paper and each week would ask random people a question. They would then post their reply as well as their picture in the paper. One week Sabrina was asked, "What is your favorite memory of Christmas". Her answer was a little different than the others, but she was a celebrity to us.

After moving out of the residence halls, I didn't see much of Brina and her sister Linda Love. The last time I saw them, Melissa and I were having lunch at a restaurant downtown. Our table was against the window, which was open to the sidewalk and visible to all passerby's. As Melissa and I are enjoying our soup or what have you, we hear a thud against the window. We look up to find Linda and Sabrina rubbing their bodies against the glass and making faces. We laughed so hard and did not even care about the stares that we were getting from the other stuffy patrons. We ran outside to say hi and exchange hugs.

They were the craziest bunch of people that I think I will ever meet and I don't think I can ever forget them. Before I open the comments to those of you who knew them and want to share a story (Including my father), here is a music video that Trav made of `Brina and her cohorts. Its from circa 1996/97 I believe. It is a true jem. Enjoy!


steph 10:56 AM  

man, sometimes i just wanna quit my job and move back to savannah.

Mel 12:51 PM  

I know, we were talking about that last night. Sigh.

Those was good times.

swirlogirl 3:22 PM  

man that movie made my night last night. i think it made my week from here on out! i could not stop laughing. these pics are the best. i'm so glad i got to experience these gals. OOOOH LAWD! what i remember the most about brina is her wrapping up a ton of cookies and forcing fanny to stuff em under her sweatshirt to take to our rooms. she was the best!

Brian 7:29 PM  

One time she needed a ride home so I told her I would drive her. She proceeded to teach me how I as a white dude sould enter the ghetto. She was giving me directions on the fastest way out so I wouldn't "get shot".

swirlogirl 10:19 PM  

hahahah! she was so caring

Trav 8:05 PM  

I am SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHere the hell did you find this?!?!
You are the shit for putting this out there for all of us to die laughing at and to look back at good times!
Thanks so much!

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