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Travis is in Virgina right now helping his sister as she starts college for the first time. Holy Shit. I know I felt old when my sister graduated from college, but now little Rachel is going to college? I first met her...oh god! ten and a half years ago! I remember meeting her, their mother and their grandmother in the hallway outside of the mailroom at O-House, the college dorm residence hall we lived in. She's a smart cookie with a filthy sense of humor. If you have not experienced a glimpse into her world, check out her blog here. I just want to take the opportunity to say


I am sure you will do great and have the time of your life! Don't forget your mace!!! (wink-wink)


swirlogirl 9:48 PM  

HAHAHH could she have fit into that pic any better. GO RACHY E!!

steph 2:18 PM  

yeah!!!! rachey's the dirtiest bird i know! and my little sister starts college next week too and it freaks me out!

swirlogirl 3:36 PM  

these kids grow up so fast!

Miss Maggotus 6:02 PM  

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is pure GENIUS, and I LOVE IT! Thank you very much, Mr. Sikorski!

swirlogirl 12:51 PM  

i actually watched tommy lee goes to college thanks to you. thanks a lot!

Trav 11:04 PM  

I LOOOVVVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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