Home at last.

Since leaving Savannah seven months ago, I had to say "goodbye" to such things as great Japanese food, great southern "soul food", non-corporate coffeehouses, tea rooms and most importantly... a damn good bar. Unfortunately, the Orlando version of most all of these have not been found as of yet (and I am starting to give up hope of ever finding one). The other day Mel and I stopped into the Orlando Ale House near our apartment. There we sat at the bar like the old days at the Oyster Bar on Wilmington Island where we lived. We were taken care of by a really friendly bartender and it felt good. He's a great bartender. Asks your name and remembers it when you come back. (I tested him today). It was nice to be greeted when walking in the door by name like Cheers. When he asked if I needed a beer, I responded "Needing a beer makes me an alcoholic, I would like one though.", he said, "good". He even asked if Mel was coming in later. When I said "no", he responded with a "good". The day before, he leaned in to ask me if I noticed the young hostess washing a window, while Mel was sitting next to me. Nice. Today I caught him staring at a server walking past. I asked him what he was looking at and he told me to "Check out those funbags". Nice. Nice. Just like Savannah.


swirlogirl 10:07 PM  

hahahah that pig!

Trav 10:42 PM  

Whatta pig is right!
I LOVE that shit!
I picture him with a Rodney Dangerfield face on while staring at that girl:
"Hey! Shakespeare for everyone, ok! Oooh honey. I'd like to tame YOUR shrew!"

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