Happy Tuesday!

UPDATE!!! Photos of the Bruce Campbell book signing now online! We waited for over three and a half hours to see Bruce and got bored so we left. He looked a little old and tired. The freakshow was a great treat. Enjoy the photos!

Sorry about missing Sunday's post, Trav and Duane were here and we were just having a super time! Oh my stars! The fun that was had! I just lost track of the week! Anywho, gonna run up to see Bruce Campbell later today. He's intown horing his new book.

Photos from the book signing will follow.

In other news, "Tommy Lee goes to college" starts tonight with two episodes on NBC. Check it out. If you miss it, I will be giving it my own personal spin on RealityTVCalendar.com They've even got something on the front page advertising my recap! Check out my recaps here. Check out my recaps, support my writing. In preperation for this post I have to ask myself... How many dick jokes or references to the sex tape can I do?


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